That’s one of Peter’s favourite phrases. Being a self-taught website designer he encounters new problems every day which he has to solve. He’s learnt a huge amount over the years but still insists “every day’s a school day”, and so it is with lawnmowers.

I wrote some time ago about how the big mower wouldn’t start after being laid up for the winter. We charged the battery, but then it wouldn’t start again when we got it out for it’s second outing of the year.

So earlier this week when I decided to cut the grass I wasn’t surprised when it wouldn’t start for the third time. I  put it on charge, and based on the 7 hour charge time from the previous incident was hopeful of getting the grass cut after tea.

Sadly the weather had a different idea. At teatime, about 5 hours into the process the heavens opened so I had to disconnect it and put it away.

The following morning I was up early and plugged it in again around 8am. I thought it might have another couple of hours to go, then I’d be able to get cracking.

Sure enough by 10am it had finished charging. I jumped on, turned the key and – – – – nothing. So I plugged it back in.

To my surprise it was telling me after 10 minutes that it was done. Yeah right! I jumped on again turned the key and to my absolute amazement and delight it started, so I cut the grass before lunch.

What is that all about then?