Isn’t nature a wonderful thing? If I was ever in any doubt, what happened yesterday would have changed my mind.

The discarded seeds from the winter bird feeder have been germinating for a few weeks now. Some are obviously undesirable or in the wrong place so they get pulled out. Others I give a chance to grow if only to see what they are.

There was one particular seedling, a sunflower, that was growing in a nick in the patio right in the middle of the conservatory doorway. Obviously it couldn’t stay, so yesterday afternoon I dug it out.

It didn’t take much ‘digging’ and it came out with a surprising amount of root and soil given it’s circumstances, and I planted it in flower bed 5, next to another I had dug out of the border a few days earlier. I watered it well, put a make- shift cloche around it, and then to be honest forgot all about it.

When I was doing my evening watering I remembered it. Oh dear, what a sorry sight. It was completely limp, lying down, looking very sorry for itself. I was sure it was dead. It would never come back having got into that state.

Even so I gave it a good drink, said a few words of encouragement and went indoors.

This morning to my amazement it is stood up and looking like a sunflower again. Isn’t nature wonderful.