Life never ceases to amaze don’t you think? I’ve written at some length, ad nauseam, some might say, about the infamous footstools, but now I have a further, unexpected, chapter for you.

When I re-read my rant a few days after things had settled down, I did wonder if perhaps I had been a touch fanciful or dramatic with my opening remarks. Alas no.

As you know, Mary had rung me when the footstools arrived to let me know they had turned up at long last, and also to say she was very pleased with them. The feedback she left me on E Bay also reflected this.

Needless to say I had forgotten all about them by now, to me they were just a bad memory. However, to Peter, they were still of interest.

Browsing through E Bay adverts as he likes to do on a daily basis, what do you think he found? That’s right 2 large footstools, offered for sale by Mary the lady I had sold them to.

In her description she says they were an impulse buy, which she now realises was a mistake, as even one is too big for her room. Where have I heard that before?

The curse of the footstools continues!