Yesterday I put the bird feeder out and had another run-in with a wren.

The weather has suddenly got very Autumnal, so I put the bird feeder out with seeds, peanuts and oatmeal.

It had received it’s first visitor within 15 minutes and at the 1 hour mark was festooned with five long-tail tits. After that it went a bit quiet, but today it has seen action all day.

First thing in the morning I had opened the conservatory door a couple of inches just to let some fresh air in and condensation out. Around lunchtime the sun was out, so I went to open it properly for a couple of hours.

Guess who was already in there? That’s right, the wren. We both jumped and once more he was out of the door at knee height before I had time to catch my breath. He’s in danger of taking first place in my affections from the robin. (Well perhaps not.)

Speaking of the robin, I waited for him at teatime to see if he would take a bath, but he was a complete ‘no show’, although I had seen him (them) in the garden during the day.

What have I done to upset him?