Here we go again, the clocks have gone back and I’m still operating under British Summer Time. I think we’ve been here before.

This time it’s 7.30am, which is slightly better than 7.15am, but the weather isn’t quite as good as last year, it’s not terrible, just not as good.

One thing that is the same though is my little robin friend. (Actually he could be any one of three.) He’s there every teatime, taking a bath, just around 5pm. Almost dark, but not quite.

I watch him every day, he gives  me something to look forward to on these dark nights. I can have the kitchen light on or off, he doesn’t seem to mind. The other day it was pouring with rain, and he still turned up. He probably fancied  having a shower with his bath.

As the weeks go by and it gets darker sooner, I’ll see less of him. But for now I’ll just enjoy watching him whilst I make the tea.