I think my body is still operating under British Summer Time. We put the clocks back 3 days ago and yet I’m still waking up at 7.15am instead of 8.15am.

Having said that, we’re enjoying such lovely weather at the moment that it’s really a bonus. Yesterday afternoon we sat in the garden, no coats. It was sunny and warm, and today looks set to be even better. Not bad for late October eh?

The only downside is the dark nights, or perhaps I should say dark tea-times but even they have a  positive.  He’s small, red and very, very cute.

Each evening at dusk, in fact sometimes when it’s almost dark, a robin visits the garden for a bath before he goes to bed.

The bird bath is directly outside the kitchen window so I get a really good view. He splashes around enthusiastically for quite a few minutes and then flies off. I just love him.

There is beauty in the most unexpected places. I was driving to Grimsby yesterday morning, just as I was entering the city centre there were 3 swans flying over the road. What a joy.