Yesterday I mentioned how the tomato plants in the conservatory are giving me cause for concern. It’s difficult to explain why, but they just don’t look as good as I would have expected them to at this stage, having been planted into their grow bags for several days now.

Incidentally the 2 fuchsia cuttings that were worrying me yesterday have made it through the night with no worsening effects, so I’m hoping they are OK.

Which is more than can be said for the second lot of fuchsia cuttings, which I decided to take out of their plastic bag this morning. What a disappointment. Only 2 out of 12 had made any attempt at roots, and even these were a sorry show. I potted them up, just in case, but I won’t be holding my breath.

The other causes for concern that I mentioned are the plug plants, geraniums and begonias. I potted them up straight away and kept them in the conservatory over night for several days, only bringing them outside during the day to harden off, as per the instructions.

The geraniums don’t appear to have done anything since, despite Suttons claims that “These larger cell grown plants will develop very quickly once planted into 7 to 9cm pots”.

The begonias on the other hand were very ill in the beginning, rallied, and started to look interested, but then I think we must have had a cold night after the hardening off process was over, because now their leaves have turned a rather odd colour, instead of the lovely green they were beginning to display. Hey-ho.

On a lighter note, I noticed the cauliflowers were beginning to look a bit sad inside their cloches, so I took them off a few days ago, and I must say the caulis seem to be looking a lot better for it. Perhaps they don’t respond well to being cooped up, and there was me thinking I as doing them a favour. Hey-ho.Hey-ho.