The compost and grow bags arrived today as promised, 4 bags of multi-purpose compost and 6 grow bags. I stowed the compost and one of the grow bags behind the shed, and the remaining 5 grow bags went in to the conservatory.

Then I started to transplant the tomatoes from their pots into the grow bags. By using 5 grow bags and 6 large pots I canaccommodate 21 tomato plants, the remaining 2 will get planted outside.

After that I potted on the remaining seedlings from all my earlier sowings, in an attempt to get a bit of clarity.

Final tally is 125 ‘tall’ hardy perennials, 12 ‘dwarf’ hardy perennials, 12 lupins and 74 lobelia. I also have 7 fuchsias plus some more cuttings still to be sorted. One or two of the perennials look a bit wimpy but I think they will be OK. The majority are lovely, strong little plants.

Over these last few days I’ve spotted what I believe to be two baby pheasants wandering around the garden. They look like a couple of miniature roadrunners. Cute.