I’ve spent this afternoon preparing the conservatory for the tomato plants proper. At the moment they’re in small pots dotted along the conservatory window-sill, but they urgently need to be planted up into grow bags.

We’d spent the morning trying to get some grow bags and some bags of multi purpose compost. Not too difficult you’d think, but because of the size of our car we need the stuff delivered and the first place we tried wanted £10 for the privilege and they wouldn’t be around our way again for another week.

In the end we found a place that will deliver tomorrow for £4. Result. Anyway, back to the conservatory.

I cleared out all the over-wintering plants, pots, wheelbarrow and the garden bench that with a plank across it’s arms, serves as a useful shelf for said plants. Then I swept up all the debris, and finally fixed the string that will support the tomato plants through the summer.

I’ll now sit back and wait for the grow bags and compost to arrive.