I might have been pleased with Billy the shed the other day, but I’m not so pleased with my apple trees today. Something is eating the bark from round the bottom of them. Could it be rabbits? I don’t know, I haven’t seen bunnies in the garden since last Spring and there are no droppings apparent on the ground, but something is certainly eating my trees.

We bought these 10 apple trees about 5 years ago so they’re just nicely getting into their stride, and we’ve had some tasty apples already. They make a lovely apple walk between the bench and the arch so we can’t do with losing them now. I need to protect them against whatever it is that is eating them alive.

It’s at times like these that I usually turn to Schweppes, a strange thing to do I know, but I’ve discovered that their plastic drinks bottles, topped and tailed, make excellent, free cloches. These have protected my young peas and other tender plants in the past, keeping them safe until they’re big enough to look after themselves.

Now I’ve discovered that these cloches cut down the side also make excellent protection collars for the bottom of small apple trees. I just hope I’ve caught the problem in time. Only time will tell. Watch this space.