Our dream of moving out of the rented cottage and into our new home by the end of March is dead in the water. Everything has taken twice as long as expected.

We don’t even see the planning officer again until Monday, and even if he agrees the plans, the builder can’t start for another 2 weeks, and says the job will take 2 months!!

At least the staircase position has now been finalised, and the installation of a gas supply arranged. National Grid were very efficient and sent the surveyor within 3 days, but can’t do the work until April 10th.

The there’s NPower again. I wrote about their pathetic showing some time ago, so my heart sank when I found they were the suppliers at the new address. I suppose I could have changed them, but I decided to adopt the ‘better the devil you know’ doctrine.

Having provided all relevant details over the phone I was promised a ‘Welcome Pack’ through the post. Needless to say NPower didn’t disappoint, or do I mean they did?

When we next went to the new house there were 3 letters from NPower waiting for us. They were identical letters, all issued on the same date, all confirming my Direct Debit details.

What a waste of paper and postage. NPower strike again.