This is the longest, coldest winter I can remember and I don’t think it’s done with us quite yet. The big snow of December 2010 is a mere blip compared to this winter of 2012/2013.

Regular readers, if such things exist, may have been wondering where I’ve been during all this bad weather, well I’ve been decorating and watching TV. Why? Well apart from the fact that I usually do some decorating at this time of year, it’s because the decision has been made. We’re moving!

At least we hope we’ll be moving. So instead of doing just a bit of decorating, I’ve tackled almost the entire house. I’m just in the process of finishing off the kitchen, then apart from a few bits to ‘touch up’ my task is done. If I never see another paint pot or roller it will be too soon. Now all I have to do is persuade someone to buy the place.

As for the TV bit, I’ve been watching repeats of ‘Dr Who’ (series 6 & 7) I’m old enough to remember the very first episode in 1963, rickety sets and cardboard monsters. Now it’s slick, fast moving and funny, with the love story of Amy and Rory as moving as anything
I’ve seen on more ‘highbrow’ programmes.

Where will I be watching Dr Who’s next series?