Remember the 9 chamber pots? Well now I can reveal the end of the story.

As you know the auction had ended with the winning bidder living in the Czech Republic. I was dubious to say the least about a successful outcome, but decided to keep an open mind.

After a few days had passed with no message or payment, I sent a message which included a ‘get out clause’ for the purchaser should the bid have been placed by mistake.

Several more days went by, still no word. Then I got a message. This is what it said, ” I thought that I’ll be able to send mail, if not, please still interference wait homework transportation options at a friend who regularly goes to England. I’ll get back to the end of the week.

My heart sank. Don’t get me wrong, her English was a thousand times better than my Czech, but it didn’t bode well for a speedy conclusion.

I duly waited for her next message. When it arrived I was amazed to find that this time she wanted me to send them to Scotland! Once again I replied that posting them anywhere, was out of the question.

A few days later another message came explaining that she had connections to a museum in the Czech Republic which specialised in antiques of the lavatory and expressing surprise that I was not willing to help the museum by posting the pos.

Now I’m very fond of the quirky, and a museum dedicated to lavatory matters did have a certain appeal, but the thought of packing 9 full size chamber pots and posting them to the other side of the world was beyond the pale.

So I politely explained that it simply wasn’t going to happen, even if she was prepared to fund the postage, which incidentally had never been mentioned.

In the end we parted on civil terms and I re-listed the pos on EBay. This time I sold them. A nice couple from Hull came to collect them, and were very pleased with their purchase.

A happy ending to rather a long drawn out transaction.