I think I’m in danger of becoming a meteorological bore, apart from the odd sojourn into refrigeration, I seem to be obsessed with the weather. I’m even boring myself. Perhaps it’s because we’re not having any weather, or at least none of the right kind.

It’s the middle of May for goodness sake, where is Spring??!! Apart from a week in March that was as hot as July, the weather has been cold, wet and windy. Even when the sun has shone the nights have been frosty. Only last week I was out 2 nights running covering up my tender plants. Thankfully they all survived, but they’re not enjoying it any more than I am.

I’ve planted out rudbeckia, larkspur, daisies, cosmos, sunflowers, dahlias and nasturtiums, all lovingly grown from seed. In my head the garden will be a mass of colour in summer, but not unless we get some better weather.

Then there are the food crops. The peas, as ever, look terrible and the broad beans, which can usually survive all manner of inclement conditions, look terrible too. The pretty white strawberry flowers all have a blackened middle, and as for the potatoes. Who knows?

The forecast for next week is warmer, so I think we’ll all be glad if ‘they’ve’ got it right.