Here’s a bit of observational trivia that you might find amusing.

For years now I’ve been putting a bowl of cat biscuits out each night for the various stray cats that have passed my way over the years. The present one, a large, hairy, white and black tom cat is a regular visitor, but is too timid for anything more than a wave through the window.

The cat biscuits I buy are nothing special, but invariably come in mixed flavours, the current box being rabbit, chicken, duck and vegetables. Indeed they all have ‘vegetables’.

The kibbles are different shapes and colours and the vegetable ones are always green.

Sometimes the stray doesn’t eat them all, and in summer the rest is usually eaten by a hedgehog, finally, come daybreak if any are left the birds eat them.

Many a time when I’ve been up early I’ve seen a robin or blackbird having a sneaky snack out of the cat’s bowl. But guess what? They always leave the vegetable ones.

So there you are, it’s not only children that won’t eat their greens.