Today I had another ‘proper’ gardening day, that’s the second in 2 days. If I keep on like this I’m in danger of becoming a proper gardener!

I started by using the electric Flymo to do the twiddly bits that the big mower either can’t or won’t cope with. I also mowed the verges by the road to avoid punctures on the big mower following the recent hedge trimming. Doesn’t sound much when you say it quickly, but believe me there’s lots of it.

I also mowed the lawn and edged a lot of the vegetable and flower beds. Add to that the every day stuff such as watering, tidying etc. I was glad when it got to 2.30pm and I had finished all the tasks I had set myself for the day.

However, even in the midst of all this hard work I found something that made me chuckle. In a world which seems so full of greed and anger at the moment, an innocent smile can come along from the simplest things in the most unexpected places.

I found a small birds nest in the middle of the field, obviously blown out of a tree quite recently. It was the smallest, and cutest little thing. Perfectly formed out of mud, moss and a considerable amount of my grey hair!

I don’t know who it belonged to, but they had plainly worked hard on it, so I took a picture because it was just so sweet.

Then it occurred to me the photo had no point of reference. It could have been a golden eagles nest taken from a distance! So I took another photo, this time with a medium sized hens egg nestled inside.

Cute or what?