On Sunday we made our annual trip to the famous Waddington Air Show. I say “annual trip” it’s only the second time we’ve been in the 13 years we’ve lived here, and we’re really cross with ourselves for not discovering it sooner. Hey-ho better late than never.

Just like last year the weather was great and we had a brilliant day. OK, so we got a bit lost going and ended up in the grounds of Lincoln Cathedral, but hey, it only took us an hour, whereas last year it had taken more than twice that, hence us trying a new route this year.

After we’d left the cathedral the journey was un-eventful until we got to the RAF base, where we were singled out for a ‘stop and search’ of our vehicle. Boot and bonnet had to be opened and inspected, I thought it was quite cool, but Peter was grumpy.

Unlike last year, when we were able to park very close to the viewing area, this year we were miles away, or so it seemed, and had to carry all our picnic gear with us.

Anyway we got settled in the end and enjoyed a simply spectacular afternoon of flying displays. Sadly the Typhoon wasn’t flying this year, but this disappointment was more than made up for by the rest of the show.

Here is a list of our favourite things.

The Red Arrows. Spectacular as ever in their bright red Hawks.

The Vulcan. Graceful, spectacular, huge; and the sound of it taking off is beyond words.

The Blades. Like the red arrows only civilian and with blue aircraft.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

Thunderbirds. US Air Force Display Team flying F16’s. Fierce, loud and gung-ho. Typically American. The finale gave me goose bumps.

Chinook. The pilot did things with that helicopter I would have considered impossible.

All in all a great day out. Roll on next year.