Today was glorious, but cold, so after lunch I ventured into the garden with my wheelbarrow. I’m not sure if this was a smart move or not.

It certainly felt good to be outdoors, and there were the first signs of some bulbs and hellebore flowers. Good.

The devastation wreaked by the mole was everywhere to be seen. Why does he attack my straight edges? The ground in places was like walking on marshmallows. Bad.

The only slightly encouraging thing was that he had completely gone from one area of the garden where last year he had been rampant. Proving that he does move on eventually. I just wish he’d move on to someone elses bit. Having said that, if he did he’d probably be dead. I saw my neighbour setting mole traps only a few days ago. Not for me, therefore more bad.

One of the apple trees is being attacked by something. Whatever it is it’s eating away at the bark. I’m not talking animal here, but some kind of disease. Ugly. I fear for it’s long term future.