I went out looking for snowdrops a few days ago, but not a sign. Then this morning I notice one single snowdrop flowering by the back door. I know one snowdrop doesn’t make a Spring, but at least it makes you feel like we’re going in the right direction at last.

I went and bought my seed potatoes and onion sets yesterday. Probably a bit early if truth be told, but I’ve stowed them in the garage, so they should be OK until I’m ready to use them.

I’ve bought slightly less than previous years.  2 bags of potatoes instead of 3, 1 bag of onion sets instead of 2, but I’ve kept the shallots the same at 2 bags.  Hopefully the smaller numbers will mean I can give them the attention they deserve. I don’t want a repeat of last summers disasters

When I got home there were 6 female pheasants grazing in the garden, and as I closed the gates a huge skein of geese flew noisily overhead. The gang of long-tailed tits have been around these last few days too, but I’ve only managed to count 5 of them, there should be 7.

The last couple of days have been unseasonably mild, but I don’t think the winter has done with us yet.