Today we gave ourselves a day off and visited the annual open day of the Lincolnshire Trust For Cats, which is held not far from where we live. I love my garden as you know, but my first love is actually cats.

This wonderful organisation provides food, shelter and medical care for stray and unwanted cats, and tries to re-home them.

We were able to see the accommodation where the cats awaiting adoption live, and read a short biography about each of them. We were also able to meet the resident cats, who for some reason have been given a permanent home within the grounds.

I was chatting to one particularly handsome resident, when the reporter from the local paper asked if she could take our picture. (Much to Peter’s amusement.) So unless I’m consigned to the digital equivalent of the cutting room floor, I should be appearing in print any time soon.

We had a really nice afternoon and judging by the number of visitors, the charity should have raised some good money, and hopefully some people will return in the future and adopt one of the many deserving cases.

I’ve spent the last 30 years looking after stray cats, in fact I have two who call fairly regularly at the moment. The problem is they are both white with black bits, and are both very timid and only call after dark, so at the moment I find it difficult to know them apart. I know there are two of them, because one evening I saw them both together.