Today I had a bonfire, or a ‘burn’ as we like to call it. A long overdue burn if truth be told. Over weeks and months I pile all the debris, prunings, cuttings, broken branches etc. at one side of the compost heap and then when I ‘m ready have the burn at the other side. This avoids me burning alive anything that might have made it’s home in the tangled mass.

This particular tangled mass had been there so long there were things in it I didn’t even recognise, plus the fall-out from when we cleared the garage out last summer. Old carpets, half a ladder and a door.

It all went up in flames, but oh it was hard work, I’m absolutely shattered today.

I’m pleased to report my 126 pricked out seedlings are all alive and well, if not exactly alive and kicking. Peas have germinated and broad beans are just beginning to. The second sowing of Tigerella tomatoes have also germinated, so I don’t know what went wrong with the first lot. Hey-ho the joys of gardening.