Today I sowed some cauliflower seeds, another first for me. Let’s hope they do as well as the leeks and red onions that I sowed earlier in the month.

It was whilst I was checking on my leeks, that I noticed one of the small fuchsias that’s over-wintering in the conservatory was looking a little sad, in fact it was looking a little dead.

It soon became obvious as the plant came out of the pot in my hand with almost no resistance, that my old friend the vine weevil had been at work. Sure enough there were the little creamy white grubs I’ve become so familiar with over the years, and the fuchsia had virtually no roots.

Vine weevils are a real pest, because often you don’t realise there’s a problem until it’s too late. I ‘ve spent many happy hours picking grubs out of root systems and feeding them to the local robin for a snack.

However on one occasion the robin missed out to another of my ‘old friends’. I was popping the grubs on the conservatory window sill but before I had chance to clear them away the ants had come out to collect the little cream bodies and carry them back to their nest. Ugh gross.

Anyway back to today. I dumped the compost and washed what root system was left under the tap. Then I re-potted the fuchsia in some fresh compost, gave it a good drink and a haircut.

I just hope I’ve caught it in time, as this plant is one of a pair that sit in a couple of terracotta heads outside the back door. It would be a shame to loose one of them. Watch this space.