Well today we finally got round to un-packing the cordless strimmer/trimmer. I’m afraid yesterday was taken up by trying to get the new computer and new keyboard to play nicely together. Took most of the day and many ‘phone calls to ‘help’ lines. Never was a service so mis-named.

So as I say, we un-packed and assembled the strimmer today, but unfortunately the battery takes 15 hours to fully charge, so I won’t find out until to tomorrow if it actually works. How frustrating.

On a lighter note the leeks are growing well in the conservstory, but I must be careful not to let them dry out if the sun shines, which it just might do today. Fingers crossed.

In fact I think there might even be a hint of Spring in the air. The reason I think that is because I have seen some evidence of courting and flirting among the garden birds, and the sparrows are wandering round wearing confused expressions and carrying large pieces of grass or feathers in their beaks. Spring, bring it on.