Thursday September 12th dawned foggy and damp. Completion day was here at last, but first we had the small matter of a floor to mend. We were up and out of the door by 6.30am, well it wasn’t like we could have a hot drink or anything!!

Leonard was waiting for us at Ravendale House, so my first job was to transport him and anything else I could fit in the car, to our new home.

I don’t know what people thought seeing a 2 seater, convertible sports car with a cat and a built-in ironing board at 7am on a foggy morning, but there we are.

Once Leonard was safely settled in his new home I did several more similar trips which must have amused the good people of North Lincolnshire no end. It’s amazing what you can get in a small car when you try, but we had to draw the line somewhere and so lots of ‘stuff’ was left behind.

Meanwhile Peter was finishing mending the kitchen floor. The deadline for handing over the keys was 12 noon and we made it with 10 minutes to spare. The money also arrived around the same time and so we headed off to our new home, several weights having been lifted off our minds.

In the afternoon the oil was delivered and electrics fixed. It turned out we had a faulty plug on a table lamp that ‘threw’ the fuse earlier in the evening when I switched it on, ( I just thought the bulb had gone). No time to relax yet though, we still had the small matter of the table and sofa to resolve.

The 2 joiners, true to their word, came in the afternoon, removed the front window and helped us to lift the table and sofa into the cottage. We were hugely grateful to them and gave them some (warm) beer!

A hot bath, a cup of tea and some cold beer was now within reach, but we were both so tired. I just went to bed after my bath and a cup of tea. Peter was so tired he fell asleep on his sofa and didn’t even drink his beer!!

We’re getting too old for this, though in our defence, I think the amount of work we’ve done in the last couple of days would put people half our age to shame.