Over the 13+ years we’ve lived here there have been various incidents where birds have flown into the windows of either the conservatory or the house. I assume it’s something to do with how the light reflects from the glass, somehow misleading or disorienting the creature.

I wrote a little while ago about the plight of a sparrow hawk after one of these events. He was lucky, some others are not. I was particularly saddened to find a dead bullfinch a few years ago, but what can you do?

Today I was sat working on my computer about 2pm when there was a big bang from the direction of the conservatory. I jumped up and was just in time to see a female blackbird lying on her back on the grass flapping wildly.

I thought she was just trying to right herself, and was on the point of going out to help, when she fell still, and never moved again.

I hate it when things like this happen and I find a dead bird, but seeing it with my own eyes was very upsetting, but as I said before, what can you do?

Life and nature are often cruel, and as if to prove the point, when I went out to collect her body I found another female lying dead just a few feet a way, under the window.