I seem to have been doing a lot of remembering just recently, a situation that probably comes with age, and the recent Remembrance Day celebrations, (if ‘celebration’ is the right word) have sent me back down memory lane.

I remember as a child on Remembrance Day watching the soldiers, sailors and airmen/women marching proudly in their smart uniforms. At one stage I even harboured the idea of joining the forces when I grew up, but obviously I never did.

I don’t think I really understood what it was all about, but was taken in by the pomp and ceremony of it all, plus the fact, even at that age I loved a good tune played by a good band, and whatever your views are on war or the military in general, you can’t deny they certainly know how to do that.

So as a child my year was punctuated by certain national ‘constants’: The Boat Race, The Grand National, Miss World, The Eurovision Song Contest, Wimbledon, Remembrance Day, Bonfire Night, The Royal Variety Performance and Christmas.

Family traditions made possible by the relatively new invention of television. Life was that simple.

Years have passed. Whilst I have no strong political views or any connection to the armed forces, other than my father and grandfather each served in the two world wars, I can’t help but be moved by the stories of heroism and self-sacrifice both past and present, on all sides, that come to light at this time of year.

When we made this website we chose the poppy as it’s symbol just because we like poppies. This weekend has made me extra glad that we did.