Today I cut the grass with the big mower for what I hope will be the last time this year.  My last ‘cut’ in 2010 was 25th October and in 2009 27th October, so I’m there or there abouts.

I cannot remember a year when the grass has been so dry in the Autumn. Normally I’m desperately searching for a suitable day when the grass is dry enough to cut, or at least ‘less wet’, and I usually have to wait until after dinner.

This year that hasn’t been a problem. Even before dinner the grass was bone dry so I was able to get cracking at about 9.45am and finished easily by lunchtime.

That gave me the chance to get the Flymo out in the afternoon and put some ‘neat’ on it. I’ll have the Flymo out again before I call it a day, but the big mower is cleaned and put away for the winter.

Job done.