Today I mowed the field for the first time this year with the big mower. Always a tricky time, but I’ll write more of that another day. Suffice to say that after a lay-off of almost 5 months he started first time (just) and ran like a dream throughout.

Driving round the field in the sunshine made me remember why I love living here so much and also why I love gardening.

The sky was blue, the clouds were fluffy and white. The lawn looked neat and tidy after Tuesday’s cut and Wednesday’s stepping stones. The birds were singing.

The conservatory is full of tiny peas and broad beans which are just germinating. Then there are the leeks, cauliflowers and red onions from a few weeks ago. I also noticed a couple of green shoots on my shallots. Everything is beginning to spring into life.

The hedges are still neat and tidy after Autumns trim, and the daffodils, primroses and narcissus are flowering. From a distance the garden looks an absolute picture. On a day like today there isn’t anywhere in the world I would rather be.